Monday 25 November 2013

Sweet Baby Quinn

Baby Quinn

This little one melts my heart! She was so wide awake and lively the entire shoot, Showing off her adorable personality :)  I hope Aimee and Ryan can cherish these photos of little Quinn as she is growing up so quickly already!


Rainy Day Wedding

Rainy Wedding

Despite the heavy rain all day this wedding was a lovely one. The bride and groom had there ceremony in a family members quaint backyard then the reception in Sardis at the Tzeachten hall. The grooms love for energy drinks came into hand through out the wedding as a very unique theme. The colours matched the drink as lime green and black, along with the ring bearer's and flowers girl pulling a wagon of the drinks for the groomsmen. 
Even with the heavy rain it didn't stop the wedding party from participating in every photo, even getting soak & wet in the field they still had a smile on for every picture :)